Fragen & Antworten zu "Security Now" 288

Im Anschluß an "Security Now" Ausgabe 288 wurden auffällig viele Fragen zu Bitcoin gestellt.

Einige davon wurden in einer Frage&Antwort-Sendung behandelt


Großes Interesse:

"We could have done all of the questions for this Q&A episode about Bitcoin. It’s generated so much interest and curiosity from people. It’s something positive, too. Something that hopefully is working to better the world."

Zu einer Frage bzgl. Geldwäsche:

"The point is: These [transactions] are all anonymous. So you could transfer a million [bitcoins] between to different bitcoin accounts and noone would be the wiser. The system is anonymous, it's distributed across the internet, it is based on account numbers that have no identities associated with them."

Private und illegale Aktivitäten können nicht unterschieden werden, wie bei jedem anonymen System.
Ebenso läßt sich Bitcoin wie jedes technische System zu positiven wie zerstörerischen oder illegalen Zwecken einsetzen. Nicht das System ist "gut" oder "schlecht" an sich, es transportiert lediglich die Intentionen der Nutzer. Freiheit oder "Sicherheit"?

This is like God's gift to money laundering. This is always the dilemma, this is the crypto dilemma. Crypto is also God's gift to people who want to hide things. And unfortunately it could be good people who just want privacy to which they are legally entitled. It can also be bad people who are using cryptography to communicate bad deeds which they don't want to communicate under the public scrutiny.


We have a fabiously powerful technology, enabled by crypto, which is absolutely bulletproof, just like crypto is bulletproof. And this application of crypto creates a dilemma.


This has all the potential for being used both for [...] all kinds of you could imagine - humanitarian purposes where there are good reasons that you want where for example an oppressive government not to be able to oppress or monitor these transactions. But also for unfortunately bad guys who move money around. That is where you end up with such a powerful technology.

In einem freien, dezentralen System gibt es keine "Beschwerdestelle", bei der "Schutz" vor der eigenen Fehlern und Nachlässigkeiten eingefordert werden kann.

One of the things that is cool about a system with this level of integrity is there are problems without solutions.

You can't have "Oh, I lost my coins, could you replace them" and anonymity both! If you have absolute anonymity you must be unable to proof that you have lost your coins.

One of the cool things that this systems offers is by virtue of being a peer-to-peer-network it's absolutely anonymous.